Little Secrets to Big Weight Loss

Don’t eat breakfast


Don’t eat breakfast if it’s the standard American breakfast (muffins, cheese, sweets, pastries, etc). Only eat breakfast if it’s something good! Start your day off right by eating a protein packed meal.

Drink Green Tea

Replace all beverages (except water) with green tea. I’m not sure green tea in and of itself is useful for weight loss; but if you’re committed to drinking just green tea and water, there shouldn’t be room in your life for sugary drinks that don’t belong in your belly.

Speaking of Things that Don’t Belong

If it looks plastic or overly perfect, don’t eat it. Treat your body like an expensive purse…nobody puts garbage in a $2,500 Louis Vuitton number and you’re worth far more than that.

How Often to go to the Gym

Every day! You don’t actually have to do anything when you get there. Just get into the habit of going to the gym everyday and the motivation to work out will naturally follow.

Got any weight loss secrets of your own to share?